You guys want to hear something funny?

A guy on one of my Empower Network colleagues team just quit.

BUT… he hadn’t gotten around to cancelling his account or turning off his autoresponders.

Since he’d done a tiny bit of marketing, he had a few leads.

His autoresponders were still going and putting people through the system… and he ACCIDENTALLY got a signup.

The new signup went through our system, saw how the pay plan worked and decided to go “all in” and purchase the rest of his products.


==> The guy who had all but QUIT, earned $1,600 in ONE day yesterday! :)

Tell me… Can you think of another business that is so simple, so easy and so automated that even someone doing NOTHING can have a $1,600 day? LOL

Making money from home has never been simpler.

Get your piece of the pie > HERE.

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… I’ll see you on the inside!

~ Gina Bell xo
Freedom Catalyst
Internet Marketing Strategist

There are many benefits to starting and growing a successful online business (or what I call being a Laptop CEO), but there are also a few problems with the traditional solo-entrepreneur approach…

Do you realize that many of the reasons why you may be struggling aren’t your fault?

The truth is, a traditional approach to making money online stacks the odds against your success.

Here’s why…

COMPLICATED. There are so many moving parts. “Build it and they will come” only works in the movies!

HUGE LEARNING CURVE. The technology barriers alone can deflate even the most persistent entrepreneurs.

EXPENSIVE. So many moving parts + huge learning curve typically translates into a money drain – especially if you want to shorten the learning curve with outsourcing.

YOU-CENTRED. It all revolves around YOU. This is both a blessing and a curse that can guide even the most confident entrepreneurs into the comparison trap and beyond (with ourselves as the critic we rarely measure up).

CEO vs SERVICE PROVIDER. Most entrepreneurs just want to do meaningful work on their own terms. But, as a solopreneur it ALL falls on you (especially in the beginning).  Product + Service Development and Fulfillment, Pricing, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Web Development, Follow up, etc…

COPY-CATTING and ONE-UPMANSHIP run rampant (with a capital R!)… and when others copy ideas and messaging that are well-planned and meaningful to YOU it dilutes your hard work and effort.

FREEDOM-POOR. Unfortunately time and freedom are often sacrificed with underleveraged business models that focus on trading time for money!

FEAST THEN FAMINE. The online “launch” mentality creates a cash flow rollercoaster for the average online entrepreneur (Yes million dollar launches do happen – but, not so much for the average entrepreneur. If you’re honest, we’re not comparing apples to apples here.)

A 3 TO 5 YEAR PLAN (and for many it’s a 5 to 10 year plan!). A lot of entrepreneurs don’t’ last that long. Unless it’s a hobby, who can wait 3 to 5 years for sustainable profitability?

This is why an entrepreneur who was highly accomplished in their corporate/employee-based career suddenly struggles in their own endeavor.

Now imagine removing these barriers – yes all of ‘em – and, in one fell swoop!

Here are what I consider to be the Top 10 Benefits of Empower Network’s 100% Affiliate Commission Model

It’s kind of like a business in a box…

1. Be Your Own Boss – You set your hours. Work where you want, when you want. Part time or full time.

2. Work and Live where you want. Work at Home – No commute or rush hour traffic. Live where you want to live…your business moves with you.

3. Great Income Potential – You decide how much you earn.

4. Available to Everyone – from aspiring newbies to internet veterans. No previous experience necessary.

5. SIMPLIFIED AND SYSTEMETIZED with a ready-to-go product line and sales funnel. Instead of wearing a bazillion hats your focus shifts to simply driving traffic to your capture pages and following up with your prospects (there’s even templates and swipe files you can leverage for that)!

6. Earn as you learn. You can confidently “hit the ground running” – you can start watching the fast start training videos as soon as you register!

7. Immediate Income – you can make $$ your very first day!

8. Above-Average Income POTENTIAL. 100% commissions + “pass-ups”. You’ve got to see the compensation plan for how they pay affiliates – it’s genius!

9. Long-term residual income! You can build a HIGHLY-profitable business quickly that can last a lifetime because of a well-planned product/service line and sales funnel.

10. Predictable Results! Imagine knowing how many leads will convert to sales and how many sales will upgrade to high ticket sales. No more “hoping” for results.

I planned to stop at 10 but there are SO many great reasons to consider Empower Network as the premise of your online business…

11. Minimal online business expenses. No need to rent an office or buy expensive equipment.

12. No Employees required which means no employee-related hassles or paperwork.

13. Significant Potential Tax Benefits – Legally save thousands of dollars with home-based business deductions.

14. Freedom! Live and Work as You Please. You control your time and lifestyle.  Spend more time with your family and doing the things you love.

15. The Copy-catting and one-upmanship actually benefit you. I love this one. Seriously, with Empower Network you benefit from people copying your best practices. (Previously I would work my ass off to develop MY ideas into products and services, to write copy and content that was distinct and attractive only to be copied by others in my industry the very same week!! I used to joke about how great it would be to get paid for people to copy me… careful what you ask for – You just might get it hahaha!)

16. Leverage the EN authority blog to amplify your content and boost Google placement.  Today I checked one of my posts “How to Write Irresistible Blog Posts” and was the #1 result – above Problogger the industry authority – amongst 1.3 million results. WOW! Just this ONE benefit alone is worth being part of Empower Network.

17. Leverage the EN products as a ready to go suite of offerings. You can also integrate your own product line – it’s really your choice!

18. Your resistance to marketing is diffused. Why? Because advocating another person’s idea that you believe in is easy!

19. You’ll be part of a team. In business by yourself but not alone – ever! When you join my team we’re in this together.

Ok… I’ll stop here.

Are you starting to see WHY I decided to leverage the Empower Network business model?…

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to get started in this exclusive home business today and Start living the lifestyle you dream about and deserve.

You’ll be glad you did!


All the Best,
Gina Bell
(306) 209-5718


Do you want to know how to write a memorable blog post that is enjoyable to read and makes an impact?

…Write about ONE single point per post.

In other words, if you find yourself covering two or more points (e.g. the merits of using butter and how to make the perfect roux), you’ve just discovered that you have the premise for more than one, now – split ‘em up!

Here’s another secret to write a memorable blog post:

…Stop using “weakening” words.

A weakening word is any word that is not absolutely necessary in your sentence. To communicate with impact, and write a memorable blog post, remove the fluff.

Here’s a great example using Winston Churchill who is famous for having said “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”

Can you imagine if instead he had said…

“I basically plan to make a solid and unusually firm place for myself when it comes to having a strong and vibrant foothold in the history books.”

The context is the same but the fluff dilutes the impact.

In spoken conversation, it’s easy to overlook clumsy or superfluous wording, as well as umms, ahhs and repetitive phrases. You don’t have that luxury with the written word, where the extras distract and disengage.

In other words, make diligent use of a time-honored journalist’s strategy:

To write a memorable blog post you must eliminate all unnecessary words — especially adverbs — and say what you have to say as succinctly as possible.

Cleaning up your prose will help you to write a memorable blog post that increases engagement, enriches your expertise and amplifies the impact of your message.

Or, think of it this way…

It’s not about perfection, it’s about being remembered.
write a memorable blog post

You’re smart. You know stuff. You’ve got things to say, share and show.

Unfortunately, valuable content that goes unnoticed doesn’t help anyone – especially you.

Google “traffic generation” or “increase blog traffic” and you’ll find dozens of ways to broadcast your content all over the digital landscape.

But, visibility alone doesn’t guarantee that your messages will engage, influence or impact your audience.

So let’s look at how to increase blog traffic in a way that works for you both…

Here’s what to do:

If you want your blog to matter, you’ve got to define what matters to you first:

1) List five blogs you read regularly. If your blog reading tends to be hit-and-miss, pick the top five blogs whose information you trust the most (What blogs are you likely to search for information? What blogs do you share the most?)

2) Write down five things that made you choose each blog as a regular read you don’t want to miss. (Repeat this separately for each one.)

3) Look at your list of blogs you love and see if you notice:

- – What makes them similar
- – What makes them different
- – What one attribute per blog is most important to you
- - Why you trust each blog.  (Is it the owner’s tone? Friendliness?  Accuracy? Wit? Results? Encouragement? “Lift” to your spirits?)

4) Now, imagine your ideal clients evaluating your blog in the same way using these questions. What would you want them to say about your blog?

Can you see how this shifts your focus from simply writing another post to writing a post that exemplifies your message and truly matters to readers?

This understanding becomes the premise of a powerful blogging formula that helps to increase blog traffic – and beyond.

Now, let’s take it one step further by making sure that every post you write successfully conveys at least one of the following roles (use this list as a checklist):

- - Give real, hard informationyour reader desperately needs
- - Provide the missing “key” that all similar blog posts don’t
- - Show your reader how to do something he needs to know
- - Help your reader make a decision
- - Encourage
- - Entertain
- - Inspire
- – Make your reader laugh, cry or think
- – Make your reader feel that you really do understand him or her
- – Leave your reader feeling as if her life – or even just her day – has been improved or lightened by reading your post

Activating simple strategies like these – consistently – will increase blog traffic and help you vault past others who are writing about similar topics.

And remember, it’s not just about getting NEW traffic to your blog.

When you provide valuable content using this powerful blogging formula you’ll not only increase blog trafficthey’ll come back for more.

You guessed it… repeat traffic is the hottest traffic-generation secret of all!

~ Gina Bell,
Freedom Catalyst
+ Internet Marketing Strategist


An Entrepreneur’s Journey (Evil versus 40,000 Heroes)

We recently saw “The Amazing Spiderman” movie!

And as you probably know from reading the comic, or watching the cartoon…

…Spiderman wasn’t always a ‘super hero’.

He was an ordinary kid, with extraordinary problems.

First he lost his parents.

Then his uncle was shot in front of him.

And after that, he was picked on…


Made fun of…

And scoffed at.

From that pain, a HERO was born.

Saving LIVES.

Defying ODDS.

And fighting EVIL.

Not because of money, recognition, or power.

But because he had a burning PASSION to make a difference.

And to NEVER quit fighting for what he believed in.

EVEN when…

His reputation was on the line…

His future was a stake…

And his life was on the line.

He kept fighting.

And against ALL odds, suited up, showed up…

And NEVER quit.

I know of another story almost EXACTLY like that.

Except this time…

Instead of 1 ordinary person…

…there are 40,000 of them.

And even when the banks shut them down…

Or when Facebook ‘slapped’ their site.

Or when they were picked on…


Made fun of…

And scoffed at…

They keep fighting.

And against ALL odds, suited up and showed up…

They NEVER quit.

This is the story of not 1 hero…

…but of 40,000+ heroes – and growing daily.

Who will NEVER quit fighting for what they believed in…

Freedom. Prosperity. Abundance. Simplicity.

EVEN when…

Their reputation was on the line…

And their future was at stake…

They NEVER quit.

Because like Spiderman…

They have a burning PASSION to make a difference
…and, fight the forces of evil.

So even though our growth is AGGRESSIVELY souring…

And over $11-million dollars have been deposited into the bank accounts of ordinary people…

And for the first time ever…

…tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs have eliminated the technology overwhelm our industry struggled with for YEARS…

You don’t have to be a HERO to join us.

There’s just one rule…

No wussies allowed. Really.

Watch THIS and decide. 

You’ll meet my mentor David (But, don’t let his appearance fool you ok. He’s one of the smartest internet marketers on the planet!).

And, after watching, if you’re ready to be EMPOWERED,

And ready to crusade with 40,000 other aspiring heroes on a mission to make a difference.

Let’s lock arms – together! Today!

~ Gina Bell
“Freedom Catalyst”

P.S. Even though MASSIVE amounts of commissions have been earned by members…

…and game changing breakthroughs have resulted from our products….

It doesn’t mean everyone gets rich.

See our Average Earnings Report here.

P.P.S. This community of entrepreneurs is as close to REAL LIFE heroes as I know.

Come! Play with us! 

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